Bespoke Machine Guarding

We have recently completed a bespoke machine guarding project to go around a 48″ Webster Bennett machine.

Incorporated into the design of the guarding is a angled drip tray which has been sealed to the machine inside the guard to catch and reuse the lubricant, as well as keep the swarf inside the enclosure. The drip try then drops down to a sump where the lubricant can then be reused with the pump we have supplied.

The doors are supplied with lift up hinges allowed them to sit inside the tray preventing the lubricant getting out. Further more we have sat the whole machine in a floor mounted drip tray to ensure lubricant doesn’t escape.

The doors allow easy access to the machine for cleaning and loading with parts, these are interlocked to the machine and can only be used for loading and cleaning.

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Bespoke Machine Guarding Installation