Partition Systems

Mesh Partitioning

Our Mesh Partitioning system is a single skin steel partition system suitable for a wide range of applications, these are supplied in standard mesh sizes depending on the level of security you require and we can also supply this in expanded metal, Ideal for Warehousing, Storage Areas, Factories, Dividing walls etc.

Perimeter Guarding & Fencing

Our Perimeter Guarding & Fencing systems are supplied and installed around hazardous machinery. The fencing creates a safe working area in which your machinery site, whilst giving operators and visitors safe visibility to the manufacturing process. The systems can be integrated with swinging or sliding doors that can be interlocked for safe access.

Double Skin Partitioning

The Double skin partitioning gives an internal and external flush face with rockwool between the 2 sheet steel finishes. This system offers better noise reduction internally whilst creating a better working environment for staff and visitors. The system can be supplied with a standard grid tile self-supported ceiling integrated with LED lights and insulation above. Ideal for Offices, clean rooms, changing rooms etc

Solid Partitioning

The solid Partitioning system is very similar to the mesh partitioning the only difference is we supply it with solid sheet steel infill panels, they have standard width panels and heights but the versatility of our partitioning is that we can manufacture it to any height. You can integrated swinging, sliding and hospital type doors into this system. Ideal for Offices, cleanrooms, Aerosol store areas etc

Mezzanine Floor Guard

Edge protection to go around your Mezzanine floor, the system mounts to the top or side of the mezzanine floor. The system is manufacture to and height you require but will also depend on how high the mezzanine floor is from the ground. The mezzanine floor guard system can be supplied in either mesh or solid panels and comes with a post every panel with an integrated handrail and kickplates.

Storage Cages & Enclosures

The storage cages and storage enclosures are made up from our standard partitioning systems but are designed around your needs. These can be all mesh cages with a roof or solid panels with a mesh roof, the systems are flexible and integrate with each other. Ideal for storing high value goods, aerosol stores, Quarantine part stores etc