Machinery Guards

Billington Safety Systems are working with Tecno Più S.r.l., in the industrial safety market, we are pleased to introduce them as a well established “All made in Italy” company, with the firm intention to impose itself as a valid alternative to standard products available on the market.

The guards they supply allow Functionality – Versatility – Quick Servicing, which is what is required in today’s fast-moving markets. Tecno Più has always been convinced that to ensure these features a change to the “approach” of safety guard use along with an investment in general health and safety.

With this aim, we are proud to present our new catalogue PMU 04/3/E, enriched with a renewed range of items, conveniently expanded with different exclusive devices, designed and produced by Tecno Più as precursors of the “Third generation of safety guards”.

Protects the operator from direct contact with the upper part of the chuck and from coolant spray. Prevents the operator from direct contact with rotating chuck lathe and helps in containing the lubricant-coolant and the working swarf.

You will be delighted with the outstanding quality, great designs and ease of use of these new guards. Each guard comes with full safety conformity, traceability, fitting instructions and spare parts list should they be required in the future. Please view the full range here and ask for sales on 01709 543837 for prices.

We offer a full fitting service on all our products.