Mesh Decking for Picking

This one-of-a kind deck turns standard single deep frames into 2 sided picking solutions. The 3″ overhang in tandem with the sloped design provides both a clear view and easy access to manually handled boxes or bins. Best of all the design allows for an extra beam level over five or six levels, meaning more storage capacity than standard flat wire decks. Various sizes and capacities available.


  • 5 mm Galvanised Wire
  • Available in 3 & 4 Channel Design
  • 10 Degree Angle with 3″ Overhang
  • Durable Metal Overlay Prevents Injury From Leading Edge
  • 2″ x 4″ Pattern Allows Water flow for Enhanced Fire Safety

We also supply standard Mesh & Timber Decking.

We offer a full fitting service on all our products.

Mesh Decking for Picking

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