Creating a Safe Workplace for your Employees

As an employer, you are responsible for the safety and well-being of your employees. In many industries, dangerous machinery or hazardous chemicals can make workplace safety a challenge. Partitions, barriers, and enclosures are necessary for creating a safe environment that your employees can work in with confidence.

Below are some of the measures you can take to ensure your employees remain safe.

Safety Fencing

Often, a simple fence can ensure employees stay in safe areas while travelling from one part of the workspace to another. This can ensure employees are separated from potential hazards and visitors (or those unfamiliar with the workplace) remain in safe areas.

Safety Barriers

With a robust safety barrier system, you can ensure only authorized personnel interacts with hazardous machinery.

There are two primary types of safety barrier systems: pedestrian safety barriers and double safety barriers. Pedestrian barriers create safe walking areas and prevent personnel or visitors from entering restricted areas. Double safety barriers are sturdier and protect contents from heavy machinery like forklift and pallet trucks.

Acoustic Enclosures

Noise control can be vital in a variety of circumstances. Acoustic enclosures can absorb noise from heavy industrial machinery both indoors and outdoors. Custom enclosures are used for acoustic booths and areas that need to be insulated from surrounding noise, or they can be used to contain noise from equipment. Controlling the sound in your workspace not only aids in productivity–but it also protects your employees’ ears.

Partitioning Systems

Partitioning systems can bring order to any workspace, but partitions can also protect employees in an industrial setting. There are several types of partitions, each with a different use:

  • Storage cages and enclosures – Storage cages are great for sectioning dangerous or restricted equipment. Cages are mesh or solid and are scratch- and impact-resistant for increased protection.
  • Mezzanine floor partition – Mezzanine floor partitions can give your employees protection from hazards on the ground floor. These partitions can be a combination of solid, mesh, or glass and create a light, versatile division.
  • Mesh partition – Mesh partitions are a low-cost barrier suitable for most environments. This system allows for mesh, solid, and glass barriers, or a combination, giving you the versatility to customize the workspace.
  • Solid partition – Solid steel partitions are great for separating work areas and creating dividing walls in industrial settings. These are ideal for creating factory or warehouse divisions.
  • Double skin partition – Double skin partitions are a sturdier alternative that can create work offices in an otherwise open area. These are ideal for storing chemicals, food items, or workspaces that need to be separated from an open space. Our double skin partitions built from durable steel sheets and a Rockwool slab infill.

Billington Safety Systems Limited offers options to help you protect your employees and build a safe work environment. Our specialists can help you select the perfect partition, enclosure, or cage for your workspace, and we offer custom fitting services on all of our products.