Double Skin Window Partitioning for Meeting Rooms and Offices

Are you looking for options on how to break up space? The double skin steel partition system offers a superior smooth finish on both ends, minimal joints and is suited for office partitioning and meeting rooms. It provides a versatile and attractive appearance ideal for a working environment.

What are double skin steel partitions?

Double skin partitioning uses a steel sheet on both sides to break up working space ideal for offices and workstations. Unlike single skin partition, double skin partitioning offers a better heat rating making it suitable for the people working within the partitioned spaces. The frame is covered, giving the partition an exquisite aesthetic quality. The system is easy and quick to construct and install.

Some of the outstanding features of the double skin include:

  • A range of options such as glazed, full steel, or part glazed panels
  • The durable and attractive finish on both sides
  • Soundproof options available
  • Easy to keep clean and sanitary
  • Adaptable to fit different spaces
  • Internal piping and cable routing
  • Range of security options
  • Flexible door options such as hinged doors, sliding doors, and automatic doors
  • Has the option of multi-tier configurations

Double skin partition options

Double skin window and door partitions offer a number of options to accommodate a wide range of preferences and requirements. It has the option of incorporating sound insulation that shields spaces from noise, and panels can have either 30 or 60-minute fire ratings.

Panels are available in a variety of colour options and can either be double glazed or glazed. The panels are available in different sizes and can be installed in a multi-tiered configuration to suit various height options. The doors and windows are compatible with a double skin system that allows for single or double width, glazed and steel depending on the aesthetic requirements and usage.

Double skin door and window partitioning

A double-glazed insulated panel window offers significant energy efficiency. The design creates a buffer zone between the panes of glass, creating a better shield against outside temperatures. Applying a coat of some special material to one side of the glass enhances energy efficiency.

The insulating advantages are measured using the R-value system.

Single pane: R-value 0.9

Double pane with 0.5-inch air space: R-value 2.04

Triple pane with 0.5-inch air space: R-value 3.22

The window can be further improved to improve efficiency using:

Window insulating film: This is a thin transparent layer of plastic film that is applied to the window trim with adhesive. The insulating film adds a barrier that reduces thermal loss.

Using thermal curtains: Using thick thermal curtains at night significantly raises the R-value and heat retention properties.

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