Our Decking

Here at Billington Safety Systems we sell various types of decking including Timber Decking, Mesh Decking and Mesh Decking for Picking.

Timber Decking

Our timber decking fits on to the beams of pallet racking. We can manufacture the decking in various sizes to suit all types of racking. When deciding on a thickness of the decks, we must consider the weight of the goods which will be stored on top of the beams.

Timber decking is easy to install, strong and durable. Therefore, it has a long working life which will save you money long term.

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Mesh Decking

Mesh decking is a pre-manufactured, strong and cost-effective alternative to timber decking, maintaining the integrity of overhead sprinkler coverage, a fire safety choice. Like our timber decking, mesh decking is easy to install and durable, not to mention, rust free, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon either.

We can make special sized panels to suit most types of pallet racking and shelving.

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Mesh Decking for Picking

Our mesh decking for picking is one-of-a-kind, turning standard single deep frames into two sided picking solutions. The 3″ overhang, in tandem with the sloped design, provides both a clear view and easy access to manually handle boxes or bins. The unique design even allows for an extra beam level over five or six levels. This gives you extra storage compared to standard wire decks. We have various sizes and capacities available.

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We also offer a full fitting service on all our products.

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