Partitioning & Mesh Cages

Billingtons Safety Systems have recently installed mesh partitioning to form storage cages for a customer, each individual Mesh cage was installed with a mesh roof over the top and the facility each one was locked securely and independently from each other so that they can be rented out to their customers as and when they need extra storage.

The area for the installation was on the first floor so when the delivery was made there was a fair amount of panels and post to move, but it was all worth it as the finished project looked great.

If you have any requirements for these types of cages then please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and the other products we supply

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Please see a list below of the other products we supply:

Machine Safety Fencing & Machine Guards/ Guarding
Stainless steel Guarding
Aluminium profile guarding
Acoustic Enclosures
Drill & Lathe Guards
Machine access platforms and gantries
Mesh Partitioning
Solid Partitioning
Double skin Partitioning
• Cleanrooms
RSP – UK Distributor for Robot System Products, These are robot peripherals, which include tool changers and tool attachments
All are standard modular panels that bolt together, but although most guarding requirements are from our standard range we can make bespoke guarding systems and panels to suit specific requirements and to solve specific machinery issues. Alongside this, we can offer an installation service for our fencing and guarding products.

Steel Mesh Safety Cage Installation