Warehouse Office Installation

Why should you install an office in a warehouse?

Warehouse Office Installation

Warehouse offices installation is an excellent option for you if you have a warehouse that needs one. You may want to consider whether an inside or outside configuration will fit your needs best. These offices are quickly installed and help provide increased productivity with a greatly improved use of space for your warehouse manager. They also leave you options for future modifications and expansion.

Your warehouse manager will need a safe, private space for preparing work schedules, managing the flow of inventory, tracking shipments, filling out and filing paperwork, complying with regulations, telephoning people, and inputting information into your company’s system. Your manager will also need privacy for recruiting new people, holding meetings, and letting people go when necessary.

Offices by Billington Safety Systems

Billington Safety Systems designs and engineers each of its warehouse offices to be the safe and secure space you desire. We are the leading partitioning system provider in the UK. Each warehouse office is designed and engineered for your needs. They are simple and ready to install, easy to keep clean and remain sanitary over time.

Offices with different sizes and heights for door and window cut-outs are available. Piping and cabling cut-outs can also be provided.


If you’re budget-minded, consider our low cost integrated single skin steel partition system. A wide variety of windows and doors are available. Locks, latches, and interlocks can be fitted. Ceilings can be made out of tile or a solid panel roof and Cut-outs for LED lights can be included.

But, if you have special security or acoustic needs, or if you’re concerned about heating issues, double-skin partitioning systems are available. Additional soundproofing options are also available.

Key Points

  • If your manager needs to oversee operations while in the office, the walls can be made out of glass.
  • Our offices can be configured into multi-tiers.
  • Load-bearing roofs for additional storage on top are also available.
  • Choose panels with either 30 or 60-minute fire ratings.
  • They come in a variety of colour options.
  • You can also choose between double glazed or glazed.
  • The panels are available in different sizes and configurations.
  • A buffer zone between the panes of glass provides a better shield against heat and cold for double partitioning and applying a coat of some special material to one side of the glass enhances energy efficiency.

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