Warehouse Partitioning Systems

Proper warehouse partitioning helps facilitate easy data management and enhance performance. It also helps optimize hardware performance and simplifies data warehouse management. Warehouse partitioning systems are a significant capital investment that can either hurt or help your throughput based on design and fit. At Billington Safety Systems Ltd., we offer top of the line partitioning systems to help you achieve maximum efficiency.

Below are five warehouse partitioning systems that we offer:

Mesh Partitioning

Mesh partitioning is a system used to divide or subdivide factories or warehouses. It is done using configuring runs of mesh that vary in size depending on the posts and panels. The partitions can be customized to suit the owner’s requirements and provide varying levels of security, including single or double swinging doors or sliding doors fitted with locks and latches.

It can also be used to maximize the space used in the warehouse and create clear boundaries for different activities. Other uses of mesh partitioning include:

  • Facilitation of sprinkler systems for fire safety.
  • Securing items of value.
  • Creating boundaries.
  • Storing hazardous liquids.
  • Allowing natural light to filter through.

Double Skin Partitioning

Double skin partitioning is a smoother finish compared to mesh partitions. It is a high-quality, partitioning solution that is ideal for warehouses, offices, and other commercial environments. It offers a versatile and attractive appearance. Double skin partitions can be fire rated, and they provide a level of sound reduction.

A warehouse can use all-steel panels, part glazed panels, or full-height glazed panels. The partitions used can either be single or double glazed, depending on the level of visibility required. The doors used can be single, double, or hospital-type sets. According to the visibility level required, the doors can have a single or double glazed vision panel. Some doors don’t have any vision panels at all.

Solid Partitioning

Solid partitioning is a low-cost single skin partition system. It can be used for creating storage areas, in industrial offices, and as factory dividing walls. They are ideal in places where relative security, clear demarcation, and visibility are essential. Unlike double skin partitioning, solid partitioning does not have sound reduction features or a fire rating.

Solid partitioning is mostly used in quality control, bonded stores, and for separating production and assembly areas. This partitioning is easy to install and is cost-effective. Depending on a customer’s specifications, you can choose from different lengths and heights of panels. The amount of visibility needed helps determine whether you should use full or partial partitioning.

Mezzanine Floor Guard and Hand Rails

Mezzanine floor guards and handrails are mostly found in hazardous areas. They are designed to protect workers and visitors in this area. The law requires that any elevated platform, like the mezzanine floor guard, should have an acceptable handrail system. The handrail is designed to prevent people from falling off stairs or platforms.

They can also protect objects from falling from elevated areas. It can be used together with the solid partitioning and pedestrian safety barrier system for extra security.

Storage Cages and Enclosures

This is a mesh enclosure that is used to store valuable and hazardous equipment and material. The enclosures have different security levels depending on their application. The mesh system has three security levels and two security levels for the solid steel system.

The mesh panels allow air, light, and water to pass through and doesn’t attract dust. The enclosure has pre-fitted hinges and door handles for security purposes. It is easy to install and customize. This partition option provides a high level of security for valuable materials and equipment. It can also be used to guard hazardous materials. Its visibility makes it easy to watch over the storage area, and the security measures make it hard to infiltrate.

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