What are Gantry Platforms and How Do They Help in Warehousing?

Meeting The Challenges Of The Modern Warehouse.


Gantries and workstations in a warehouse provide a safe and secure working environment that facilitates smoother, faster operations. Warehouses are evolving and adapting to the demands of today’s logistics and distribution industries. Following the pandemic, increasing e-commerce transactions, and Brexit, new challenges are emerging in the process of moving products from suppliers to customers.

Online sales continue to grow, demanding more and more warehouse space to meet the increased demands of consumers and keep the supply chain functioning.

To meet these challenges, warehouse & storage facilities owners are looking to facilitate speedier, more efficient handling of customer orders by modernising their warehouses

Products inside the warehouses can often vary considerably, from storage of one product to various items of different sizes, weights, & dimensions. However, whatever the product, they have one thing in common — the need for speedy processing of the inventory while maintaining health and safety.


Warehouse Storage Solutions

There are several options to improve your warehouse space, depending on your budget and requirements. Gantries and working platforms are tools that can aid in the improvement of your storage facility.

To maximise productivity, all space within a warehouse needs utilising, and for most companies, vertical storage is the practical solution. This is where gantries and working platforms can be extremely useful tools, providing a suitable and safe way to access higher storage areas within the warehouse. In addition, using gantries and working platforms reduces the use of ladders, which significantly improves safety by reducing the risk of accidents. Installing gantries and platforms also ensures compliance with health and safety regulations.

To minimise manual tasks and improve the speed of processing inventory, many warehouse owners are looking to automation like the GTP, Goods-To-Person system, automation that involves conveyors, vertical lift systems and carousels. Incorporating gantries and working platforms into the systems provides safe passage and access to the various areas.


A Gantry

These are structures that create a bridge over an area. So, they can be placed over and above your automated processes or machines. Plus, we can incorporate them into the guarding systems around machines. Introducing the use of gantries enables,

  • Easy and safe movement of your inventory 
  • Reduction in labour intensity
  • Improved operation efficiency
  • Providing potential to mechanise and automate operations


Working Platforms

Working platforms are another effective and versatile tool providing a mobile, safe working environment, especially when working at heights. Replacing stepladders with work platforms allows for a larger working area, with more stability when working at heights. These also provide more working space, making room for movement and improved balance with better protection against falls—making work undertaken on them safer. Employing work platforms allow your staff to focus on the job at hand and work more efficiently. 


Designs From Billington Safety Systems – Meeting Your Needs

Our innovative, bespoke designs at Billington Safety Systems LTD provide gantries and working platforms that meet your specific needs. 

At Billington’s, we make our gantries and working platforms from a variety of materials including, 

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium 
  • Hot-dip galvanised or mild still powder coated for indoor or outdoor use.

Our qualified personal are on hand to help you decide the best solution for your facility. We will provide the installation of our quality products and excellent customer service. Contact us now to discover how we can help you.