Bespoke Guarding & Guarding Doors

We have recently completed a large manual bespoke telescopic sliding door for a customer that will allow them to load and unload the machine with an overhead crane without them having to crane heavy and obscure sized parts over the top of the guarding.

The customer also wanted the to be able to know when the door was open or closed so that it could then activate the overhead crane without damaging the guarding, we did this by fitting interlocks at the open and closed positions with interlock keys mounted to the door.

These bespoke doors are designed and manufacture to your needs using easy sliding telescopic rails, so although the door is robust it can be easily moved into position.

As well as these doors we also manufacture rise and fall doors that are either manual or pneumatic.

For more information view bespoke guarding, modular guarding and safety fencing systems.

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