Outdoor Safety Fences and Cages

Outdoor Safety fences and Cages 

We have recently completed a couple of outdoor fencing enclosures to go around extraction systems for one of our customers. The enclosures where design and installed by Billington Safety Systems after consultation with the customer to ensure they had enough access to get to parts of the extraction system in case of a fault.

The enclosures and cages for this particular project had to be made to suit the similar fencing we had supplied inside the customer’s production area, the only difference with these ones where that they were powder coated for outdoor use.

We can also supply these enclosures in Hot dip galvanised or varying types of stainless steel so that they can stand up to the ever-changing weather conditions and the location that they are installed into.

If you have any requirements for these then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01709 873903 or email us sales@billingtonsafetysystems.co.uk