What To Consider When Purchasing Safety Fencing

The health and safety of visitors and employees are paramount in any industrial working environment. An employer’s role is to minimise any danger to the operator on any machinery or in hazardous working areas. This is where the safety fencing produced at Billingtons Safety Systems can help. It does not matter what kind of machinery we are talking about. If it has moving parts, it can risk the health and safety of anyone around it. The areas requiring safety fencing could include,

  • Automated machinery
  • Process control equipment
  • Robotic work cells
  • Many areas on a manufacturing floor
  • High voltage power lines
  • Molten metal or chemical spill hazards

Accidents can happen, but a physical barrier between operatives and hazards is essential to significantly reduce the risk of injuries, machine downtime and potential lawsuits arising from such an accident.

Considerations When Purchasing Safety Fencing

The Area To Be Fenced

Rather obvious, but you also need to consider entry and exit points. This includes elements such as,

  • Size of the doors – single, double 
  • Suitable handles 
  • The door-opening space, either to the left or the right. 
  • Door safety locks.

 One option is to have a safety interlock door handle with push buttons on a post. These can send signals to cut power when someone enters or exits the space.

What Height The Fencing Needs To Be

The ISO 13857 standard mandates the safety space to prevent exposure of upper and lower limbs to hazardous zones. Therefore, measuring the “height of the danger zone” and the height of the “height of the structure being protected” determines the horizontal distance needed to place the safety fencing from the hazardous area.

The ISO 12357 standard also indicates that the risks of injury by reaching through the fencing are considered. Therefore, an understanding of the relationship between opening size, horizontal distance and height is required for selecting an appropriate guarding fencing system.

Acquiring A Robust Fencing System That Will Last

Your safety fencing has to be robust enough to handle the occasional accidental collisions from personnel, forklifts and carts. They must also be strong enough to be a long-term solution in a manufacturing environment. Safety fencing from Billintons is powder coated with standard Black RAL 9005. Alternative colours are available. This coating helps prevent degradation in the presence of harsh conditions or chemicals used in the manufacturing process.

How Easy The Safety Fencing Is To Install

The best safety fencing is of the modular type. This ensures fast and easy installation or, if needed, dismantling and reassembly elsewhere. A modular system also allows for quick expansion. Billington’s safety fencing is available in standard height and width with special sizes on request. The fencing is also aesthetically pleasing and anti-climb.

Unsure About What You Need – Talk To Us

Talking to one of our experienced staff about your requirements is the way forward. We can advise on the best options, and we provide full installation. Chat to us via phone or email from our online page.