What Is An Anti Collapse Mesh?

Supporting the flow of your inventory and ensuring the smooth running of your business, your warehouse racking system is the invaluable backbone of your operation. Investing in the correct safety systems for your pallet or storage system is the way to ensure your warehouse keeps functioning as needed.


Anti collapse mesh is a cost-effective safety system for warehouses. This product is a system of mesh panels that you can attach to the back of storage shelving and pallet racking. Once in place, this prevents items from falling from the pallet racking and causing injury to staff and damage to the product. It is also helpful in safely securing tools to walls. In addition, the mesh allows light and air to flow around the contents, maintaining good visibility and safety.


Why Should I Invest In An Anti Collapse Mesh?

Safety is a priority consideration for any business that encompasses the safety of staff, visitors to the area and the products. The results from inspections of pallet racks have highlighted the issue, stating that to increase warehouse safety by protecting from spillages and stock getting knocked to the floor.


The areas that most require the installation of an anti collapse mesh are when you have the single-sided pallets backing onto walkways or work areas. Installation for these areas needs to be for the first beam level going up, not at floor level. Double-sided racking does not usually require anti collapse mesh.


Installation of Anti Collapse Mesh

Depending on the height of the pallet racking, you could install the mesh panels yourselves. However, it is far better to have the manufacturing company install them. Doing this ensures a quicker installation and that they are fitted correctly and  are in compliance with regulations.


Pallet Racking Regulations

Every warehouse owner is legally obliged to ensure the safety of everyone who enters their warehouse or storage area. However, while the HSE strongly recommends using anti collapse mesh panels, it is not a legal requirement yet! However, it is a common sense approach to meeting health and safety requirements in your business. Plus, any accident that might occur by not following HSE advice means you, as the owner of the warehouse, can be held legally and morally responsible. The HSE guidelines HSG76 recommendations include,

  • Yearly inspections of racking systems by a SEMA-approved inspector.
  • Weekly inspections by a technically competent member of staff.


Billington’s Anti Collapse Mesh


At Billington’s Safety Systems, we have designed our anti collapse mesh to fit most racking systems. We mount our framed mesh on brackets of 100mm and 250mm. We can also manufacture bespoke sizes where required. We manufacture our brackets and mesh panels from powder-coated galvanised material to match the mesh. The standard colour is grey, but other RAL colours are available to order. We use BZP for the manufacture of all the nuts and bolts. Please contact us via our online form for any further enquiries on our anti collapse mesh systems.