What To Use Safety Fencing For In Your Warehouse?

To answer this question, we first have to consider why you should use safety fencing in your industry.

Why Do You Need Safety Fencing?

Today’s modern factories, warehouses and distribution centres are places where efficiency and logistics work hand in hand with complex machinery. It is about speed, ensuring you fulfil orders using your resources to the max. Any disruption to this process, large or small, has a knock-on effect on meeting targets, keeping deliveries on time and making customers happy. 

An increasing amount of technology and automation is being integrated into warehouses, distribution centres and manufacturing plants. These save time and labour, but the machinery involved can put your employees at risk. Danger can be found in automated machinery, robotic arms and work cells, process control equipment and many other busy areas. 

The use of robotics in industry is subject to strict laws and legislation. Like most tech machinery, they are expensive and should only be operated by trained personnel. Management has to be proactive in protecting workers and equipment from the hazards that come with industrial machinery.

Accidents Can Happen

We know anywhere and anytime. Some can be serious, even fatal, others less so. But every accident or incident can be expensive when you think about lost time, lost production, repairs, fines, and maybe even lawsuits! Obvious reasons why you need safeguards in place. 

Now you may have safety procedures in place, but there is a more straightforward, direct solution, and that is safety fencing. This is low-tech but effective. Fences to protect those within and outside have been around forever, and the reason for this is they work. So, reduce all these risk factors by using today’s modern safety fencing.

The Benefits Of Safety Fencing In Your Business

Also known as machine guarding systems or perimeter fencing, their prime task is the protection of your machinery and your workers. It is a physical barrier between potentially dangerous machinery and its operators. In addition to safety, fencing can also minimise wear and tear on the equipment, which optimises its operation and extends its working life. 

There are several types of safety fencing that you can find at Billingtons Safety System Ltd, all designed to be functional and cost-effective. Including,

Safety Machine Guarding & Barrier Fencing – comes in a strong & robust modular system that is easy to install. 

Perimeter Guarding & Fencing –  For installation around hazardous machinery, The barrier can be integrated with swinging or sliding doors interlocked for safe access.

Bespoke Guarding – Designed and manufactured to your specifications. These can include manual rise and fall doors. Plus, counter-balanced and pneumatic-operated doors for better access and flexibility.

Aluminium Profiles –  These protective systems can arrive flat-packed toe cut and modified onsite or pre-built to lift into place. The profiles can have anti-climb mesh, solid sheet steel or aluminium and Polycarbonate (welding type if required)

Stainless Steel Fencing: This type of safety fencing is when the fencing comes into contact with water. We provide different grades of stainless steel to suit the environments they will function in, providing functionality, safety and high-quality barrier fencing.